Nesting season winding down

The loggerhead nesting season 2014 is slowly winding down, with a handful of nests remaining in both Calis and Yaniklar. The good news: we broke our 21-year record for nests in Calis, hitting the big Four O (40). Together with Yaniklar (and Akgöl) we have a good 100 nests and even today were surprised to find yet another "secret" nest (revealed by emerging hatchlings). The bad news: we have had quite a number of dead adult turtles being washed ashore (2 in one day last week, for example), meaning that we may be losing the adults faster than we are "producing" them. Also, the condition of the beaches continues its decline, this year marked by further incomprehensible encroachments of restaurants and bars, sand mining, and importantly the construction of a mega-complex at the end of Yaniklar beach (Karatas). We are nonetheless fighting the good fight and getting fantastic feedback at our information booth at the Calis beach promenade.

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